7 Best Dog Breeds to Bring to Work

French Bulldog

Friendly, low-energy French Bulldogs make ideal office dogs. They thrive on being with you and love everyone.

Cavalier King Charles

Sweet, gentle Cavs do well in offices. A quick walk suits their moderate exercise needs.


Quiet greyhounds are content to sleep at your feet. Minimal grooming is a plus.


Laidback bulldogs happily snooze through the workday. Their easygoing natures suit offices well.

Boston Terrier

Happy-go-lucky Boston Terriers make pleasant office companions as long as they get a quick walk.


Smart, hypoallergenic poodles excel in offices if exercised before/after work. The small standards fit best.


Havanese are affectionate dogs that enjoy being with you. Minimal shedding is a bonus.

Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy Owners