7 Easy Dog House Designs You Can Build

Simple A-Frame 

This basic A-frame dog house is made of plywood and 2x4s. Easy to build and provides shelter from the elements. 

Elevated Dog House

Raise your dog house up off the ground with this design made of treated lumber. Allows airflow and drainage underneath.

Insulated Dog House 

Add foam insulation boards to this plywood dog house to keep your pup warm in winter months. Cut-out window for light and ventilation.

Barrel Dog House

Upcycle an old barrel into a cozy dog house! Cut entrance hole and add vent holes for air circulation. 

Customizable Mansion 

Large multi-room dog house you can customize with windows, porches, shingles, paint and more. 

Pallet Dog House

Use free pallets to make this cute dog house for almost no cost. Super simple design with corrugated metal roof.

Get Building

Choose your design and get started on an easy DIY dog house! Reference step-by-step instructions linked on each slide.

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