7 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for Cuddly Laps


Long-haired Balinese are loyal, intelligent lap cats. Require weekly brushing to minimize shedding.

Russian Blue

Known for being gentle lap warmers, Russian Blues have sweet dispositions with owners. Rarely shed.


Vocal Siamese love cuddling in laps when not playing. Short haired coats produce less dander.

Oriental Shorthair 

Smart, energetic Orientals enjoy bonding in laps when they take breaks from play. Low shedding.  


Hairless Sphynx cats make cuddly, hypoallergenic companions though they do require bathing.

Devon Rex

Active Devons have a curly, low-shedding coat and enjoy snuggling up on laps.


Known for their affectionate, cuddly nature, Burmese make devoted hypoallergenic lap cats.

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