7 Most Playful and Energetic Cat Breeds

Savannah Cat 

The Savannah is an energetic cross between a domestic cat and a serval. These tall, lanky cats love to jump and climb.

Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat has a wild look with a playful personality. They are very active and vocal. 

Abyssinian Cat  

Abyssinians are extremely active and athletic. They love heights and will leap onto cabinets and bookcases. 

Oriental Shorthair

Orientals are endearing cats that stay playful well into old age. They enjoy learning tricks and playing fetch. 

Siamese Cat

The talkative Siamese is a bold, energetic breed that enjoys being up high. 

Siberian Cat

Siberians have dog-like personalities. They enjoy playing fetch and learning tricks. 

Cornish Rex

The curly-coated Cornish Rex is a perpetual kitten when it comes to energy and curiosity.

Rare and Exotic Cat Breeds