7 Must-Know Types of Dog Training Collars

Martingale Collars  

Martingale collars tighten when pulled but do not choke. Great for training dogs that slip regular flat collars.

Prong Collars

Prong or pinch collars have blunt metal links that tighten under pressure. Used to train dogs to heel and walk properly.

Choke Collars

Made of metal links or chain that tighten when pulled. Should only be used under guidance of a professional trainer.

Shock Collars

Emits an electric shock to deter barking or unwanted behaviors. Can be an effective training tool if used correctly.

Bark Collars

Detects barking and emits a spray, noise or vibration to discourage excessive barking when you're away.

Head Halter Collars

Fit around the muzzle and behind the neck to give you control over the dog's head for training loose leash walking.

GPS Collars

Track your dog's location via GPS if they wander off. Helpful for hunting dogs or dogs that might run away.

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