Best Guard Dog Breeds For Protection

German Shepherd

Alert, courageous German Shepherds are highly intelligent guard dogs and protectors.

Doberman Pinscher

Loyal Doberman Pinschers use their speed, strength and fearlessness to defend their territory and family. 


Confident guardians, Rottweilers have strong protective instincts and intimidating appearance.


Powerful yet docile inside, Bullmastiffs use their bulk to pin intruders. They have loud barks.

Giant Schnauzer  

Robust, lively Giant Schnauzers guard their families with devotion. Their size deters intruders.

Akita Inu

Courageous Akita Inus have a bold, willful spirit well-suited for guarding. They are naturally dominant.


Fearless and energetic, Boxers vigorously defend their loved ones but are playful family dogs too.

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