Biggest Cat Breeds Growing Over 15 Pounds

Maine Coon

Affectionate Maine Coon cats can reach 25+ pounds. Their soft coats come in many colors.  


Gentle Ragdoll cats grow large, up to 20 pounds. They love lounging and snuggling with their humans.


Savannahs are a hybrid of domestic cats and servals. They can weigh 17-25 pounds.


Athletic Chausies are a cross between domestic cats and jungle cats. They reach 15-30 pounds.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Adaptable Norwegian Forest Cats have long coats, big paws and weigh 13-22 pounds.


Fluffy Siberians have semi-longhair coats. Males can reach 20 pounds.  


Stocky yet sweet Persians have a passing resemblance to fluffy dogs and weigh 7-20 pounds.

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