Cats That Are Easy to Care 


Known for being docile, gentle, and affectionate. Require minimal grooming and training. Tend to get along with other pets.

Scottish Fold

Typically have a calm, friendly personality. Relatively low exercise needs. Minimal grooming required. Easily trained.


Sweet, quiet, and laid-back. Thrive on human interaction. Low-shedding coats require weekly brushing. Easily trained.

Exotic Shorthair

Patient, loving, and enjoy cuddling. Minimal exercise needs. Require weekly brushing. Adapt well to apartment living. 

Maine Coon

Affectionate, social, and family-friendly. Only require weekly grooming. Relatively quiet and undemanding.


Intelligent, playful, and affectionate. Minimal grooming needs. Tend to bond closely with their families.


Loyal, calm, and enjoy human interaction. Short coats only need weekly brushing. Relatively quiet meows. 

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