Dog Breeds Recommended for First-Time Dog Owners

Labrador Retriever

Friendly, eager-to-please Labrador Retrievers are very responsive to training making them a top choice for new dog owners.

Cavalier King Charles

Sweet, gentle Cavalier King Charles Spaniels form close bonds and adapt well to apartments, kids, and new owners.


Smart, energetic Poodles are eager to please and pick up on training quickly. Miniature and toy sizes suit first-timers. 


Papillons are small, friendly companion dogs that are less demanding than other toy breeds, making them great for new owners.


Calm, gentle Greyhounds are low maintenance dogs that new owners will find easy to care for.


Bulldog's laidback nature and minimal exercise needs work well for new dog owners. They love napping!


Alert, responsive Collies are highly trainable and their average exercise needs match a new owner's lifestyle.

Dog Breeds Ideal For People With Allergies