Easiest Dog Breeds To Train For New Owners

Labrador Retriever  

Labs are highly intelligent, eager to please, and focused when trained. Their food motivation makes training easy.


Eager to please and quick learners, Poodles respond well to training. Regular exercise keeps them engaged.

Golden Retriever 

Intelligent and people-oriented, Golden Retrievers are obedient by nature and take well to training. 

Cavalier King Charles 

Sweet and gentle, Cavaliers aim to please their owners. Short sessions with rewards work best for training.


Energetic and smart, Papillons pick up commands quickly. Use treats and keep training sessions short and positive.


Eager to please and focused, Collies excel at obedience training. Use patience and consistency when teaching new skills.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Clever and attentive, Corgis are easy to train using positive reinforcement and consistency. Keep sessions short and upbeat.

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