Fixing Common Dog Behavior Issues


Reduce excessive barking by providing stimulation, walking regularly, and using positive interrupters like treats or noisemakers.


Give chew toys, use crates when away, and apply deterrent sprays to curb destructive chewing.


Designate a digging area, hide treats to shift focus, and block off problem spots in your yard.


Teach your dog to sit for attention, reward calm behavior, and use baby gates to restrict access when needed. 

Separation Anxiety

Tail chasing is a behavior in which a dog chases its own tail. 


Do not punish aggressive behavior - it will only worsen it. Consult a dog behaviorist for customized training.

House Soiling

Stick to a feeding and bathroom schedule, use enzymatic cleaners for accidents, and rule out any medical issues.

A Guide for First Time Dog Owners