Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds For People With Allergies


Siberians produce less Fel-D1 protein in their saliva so shed less allergy-causing dander. Their thick fur traps dander.


Lacking fur, the Sphynx produces no dander. However, their skin oils and saliva can still trigger allergies in some.


Bengals shed very lightly. Their short, fine coat holds dander close to their body to avoid airborne allergens.

Oriental Shorthair

Orientals have a fine, low-shedding coat that doesn't release much dander. Weekly grooming removes dead hair.  


Siamese cats have low shedding fur that needs little grooming. Their dander contains lower Fel-D1 allergen. 

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has minimally-shedding, lightweight fur that scarcely hold onto dead hair or dander.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex has a very thin coat that hardly sheds. Their curly fur traps dander against their skin.

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