Most Stunning Gray Cat Breeds With Blue Tones

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue has a distinctive blue-grey short coat. They are known for their green eyes and affectionate personality.


Korats have stunning silver-blue coats with a bright sheen. Their big green eyes glow against their grey fur. 


Chartreux cats are born with grey fur that darkens as they mature. They have sturdy bodies and playful personalities.

British Shorthair

British Shorthairs come in a range of colors including blue-grey. Their dense fur gives their coat a plush feel.


Burmese cats can have soft blue-grey fur with hints of silver. Their eyes range from yellow to gold.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Some Norwegian Forest Cats have stunning blue or silver shaded fur. Their coat is long and silky.


Siamese cats have a light grey coat as kittens that darkens as they mature, leaving them with blue-grey "points"

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