The 7 Most Obese House Cats Ever


Himmy was an obese tabby cat who reached 46 pounds. At his heaviest, he was over 3 feet long. Himmy shed half his body weight with a diet. 


Cinderblock is a massive gray cat who hit national news in 2019 when he was put on a diet by his vet. 


Meow was a cat owned by a Santa Fe animal shelter. She reached 39 pounds before being put on a diet in 2002. 


CC once held the Guinness World Record for heaviest cat at 47 pounds. The tabby cat was owned by a couple in Australia before losing weight.


Garfield was an orange tabby cat in Italy who reached nearly 40 pounds in 2013, when his owner put him on a strict diet. 


Lizzy was a 27 pound cat owned by a Dallas couple in 2003. She shed 6 pounds after being fostered by the Dallas Animal Rescue Center.  


Tubcat was a black and white male cat who reached 41 pounds before going on a diet overseen by UC Davis vets in 1989.

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