The Top 7 Therapy Dog Breeds

French Bulldog

Friendly, amusing French Bulldogs often work as therapy dogs to cheer up people in hospitals, schools, nursing homes.

Cavalier King Charles 

Gentle, affectionate Cavaliers make ideal lap therapy dogs that offer companionship and comfort.


Havanese therapy dogs provide happy affection. Their hypoallergenic coats are a plus when visiting healthcare facilities.


Smart, hypoallergenic Poodles are perfect for therapy work. Their intelligence helps them interact well.

Yorkshire Terrier  

Yorkies are lively comfort dogs that enjoy visiting with adults and children needing emotional support.

Bichon Frise  

Fluffy Bichons are gentle dogs that aim to please. Their soft coats bring smiles as therapy dogs.


Extroverted, energetic Poms make cheerful therapy dogs. They're small enough for laps.

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