Tiniest Cat Breeds Only Weighing 5-9 Pounds


Active, playful Singapuras weigh just 4-8 pounds. They love climbing to high spots.

Cornish Rex

Wavy-coated Cornish Rex cats are active and affectionate. They weigh 6-10 pounds.  


Short-legged Munchkins weigh 5-9 pounds but have big personalities. Not all can jump well.

Devon Rex

Intelligent Devon Rex cats have a slender build and weigh 6-9 pounds. Their coat is sparse and curly.

American Curl

American Curls weigh 5-10 pounds. They are known for their curled back ears.

Scottish Fold  

Sweet-natured Scottish Folds weigh 6-13 pounds and are named for their folded down ears.

Napolean Cat   

Stocky yet playful, Napolean cats weigh 6-10 pounds. They love games and learning tricks.

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