Tips for Combing and Trimming Your Dog's Hair

Right Tools

Invest in a slicker brush, comb, scissors, and clippers made specifically for dogs. 

Comb First

Before trimming, thoroughly comb your dog's hair to remove mats and tangles.

Bathe Before Trimming 

Bathing your dog will soften the hair and allow for a closer trim. Dry fully before beginning to cut.

Little by Little

Take your time and trim in several small sessions, rather than all at once. Go slowly to avoid nicking your dog's skin.

Focus on Sensitive Areas

Pay close attention when trimming hair around eyes, ears, paws, and genitals. These areas are easy to cut.

Reward Your Dog

Give treats and praise throughout the grooming process to make your dog comfortable. 


Well-groomed dogs need trimming every 6-8 weeks. Schedule appointments with a professional groomer or do it yourself.

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