Top 7 Most Popular Cat Breeds For New Owners


Active, playful and intensely curious, the alert Abyssinian is one of the most popular shorthaired cat breeds.


Known for being vocal and affectionate, the attention-loving Siamese is a top cat breed.


The laidback, gentle Persian with its luxurious coat is a perennial favorite feline breed.

Maine Coon

This rugged, intelligent "gentle giant" breed remains one of the most popular thanks to its loving personality.


Affectionate and docile, loyal Ragdoll cats make ideal companions and a top cat breed choice.


The exotic-looking Bengal is a fan favorite breed appreciated for its wildcat-like appearance and playfulness.

British Shorthair

Calm, easygoing family cats, the plush British Shorthair remains a popular breed in the U.S. and beyond. 

Cat Breeds With Striking Black & White Coats