Top 7 Popular Hybrid Cat Breeds


Bengals result from crossing domestic cats with Asian leopard cats. They have exotic spotted and marbled coats.


Savannahs are a hybrid between domestic cats and servals. They have long legs, large ears, and striking markings.


Chausies are a mix of domestic cats and jungle cats. They are tall, long-legged, and very active.


Napoleons are a cross between Munchkin cats and Persians or Exotics, creating a cobby cat with short legs. 


Toygers are bred to mimic the Bengal tiger's stripes and patterns. They have plush fur and muscular bodies.


The Pixie-bob is rumored to be bred from domestic cats and bobcats. Most are brown spotted tabbies. 

Jungle Bob

Jungle Bobs descend from Pixie-bobs and Egyptian Maus. They resemble bobcats but have loving personalities.

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