Top Best Cat Breeds from the US

Maine Coon

This large, rugged cat breed hails from Maine. They have a distinctive long, shaggy coat.


Known for their docile personality, Ragdolls go limp when picked up. They have striking blue eyes.

American Curl 

Their curled back ears give American Curls a unique look. They are people-oriented and playful.  

American Wirehair  

As their name suggests, American Wirehairs have a wiry, crimped coat texture. They are energetic and affectionate.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail has a naturally stubby tail. They are intelligent, interactive cats.

American Shorthair

A working cat breed, American Shorthairs are adaptable, easygoing companions.

More US Cat Breeds 

Other breeds from America include the American Ringtail, Pixie-bob, and Napoleon.

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