Top Medium Sized Dogs That Don't Shed


Smart, energetic Poodles have curly, hypoallergenic coats that require regular grooming.

Portuguese Water Dog

Athletic Portuguese Water Dogs have wavy, waterproof fur that needs brushing but minimal shedding.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

This hunting dog has a rough, dense coat with minimal shedding suitable for those with allergies.

Irish Water Spaniel

Clever Irish Water Spaniels have curly, waterproof coats that shed lightly with weekly brushing.

Wheaten Terrier  

Wheaten Terriers have soft, wavy, low-shedding coats requiring weekly brushing.

Standard Schnauzer 

Sturdy, square-cut Schnauzers have wiry, low-shed coats needing periodic hand stripping.

Bouvier des Flandres

Shaggy-coated Bouviers shed lightly with weekly brushing and grooming. Their beards need extra attention.

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