How to Build a Cat Window Perch

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Creating a cozy window perch for your feline friend is not just about providing a comfortable spot; it’s about giving them a front-row seat to the world outside.

In this guide, we’ll embark on a DIY adventure to build a cat window perch that’ll be your cat’s new favorite hangout. Get ready to witness the joy on your cat’s face as they bask in the sunlight and watch the world go by.

Window Perch

Before we dive into the DIY details, let’s talk about why a window perch is a must-have for your cat.

1. Enrichment

Cats are natural hunters and curious observers. A window perch offers them a chance to watch birds, passing cars, and the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood, providing mental stimulation and enrichment.

2. Sunbathing Bliss

Cats love to soak up the sun, and a window perch is the ideal spot for them to bask in natural light. It’s like their personal sunroom without stepping a paw outdoors.

3. Territory Expansion

Window perches give your cat a sense of territory expansion. It allows them to survey their surroundings, making them feel more secure and in control.


Now, let’s get down to the fun part – creating a cat window perch that your feline friend will adore.

1. Materials

For a basic window perch, you’ll need a sturdy wooden board, brackets, screws, a soft cushion or blanket, and adhesive-backed Velcro strips.

2. Cut the Board

Measure the width of your window and cut the wooden board to fit. A standard size is around 12 inches in width and long enough to accommodate your cat comfortably.

3. Install the Brackets

Attach brackets to the board and secure them with screws. The number of brackets depends on the length of the board; ensure they are evenly spaced for stability.

4. Mount the Perch

Find a suitable window where your cat loves to watch the world. Install the brackets onto the windowsill or directly onto the window frame. Make sure it’s secure and can hold your cat’s weight.

5. Comfort Factor

Place a soft cushion or blanket on the perch to create a comfy spot for your cat. Consider using materials that are easy to clean in case of any cat-related messes.


Building a cat window perch is not just a DIY project; it’s a gift to your cat – a personal haven where they can lounge, observe, and daydream.

With a few simple materials and some creative flair, you can provide your feline friend with a window to the world. Now, watch as your cat enjoys their new favorite spot, soaking up the sun and embracing their inner explorer.


Can I use a pre-made shelf for a window perch?

Absolutely! If you have a sturdy shelf that fits the window, you can repurpose it as a cat perch. Just ensure it’s securely attached.

How do I entice my cat to use the window perch?

Place your cat’s favorite toys or treats on the perch to encourage exploration. You can also spend quality time with your cat on the perch to create positive associations.

Can I make a window perch without drilling into the wall?

Yes, there are suction cup window perches available. These are attached using suction cups, eliminating the need for drilling.

What’s the best height for a window perch?

Position the perch at a height where your cat has a clear view outside. It should be low enough for easy access but high enough for a good vantage point.

How do I clean the window perch?

Depending on the materials used, you can vacuum or shake off loose fur, and machine wash or spot clean the cushion or blanket regularly.

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