7 Essential Types of Cat Collars

Breakaway Collars

Designed with a safety release clasp to prevent choking if caught. Essential for any outdoor cat.

Flea Collars

Collars infused with insecticide to repel fleas and ticks. Provides ongoing protection when outdoors.

Safety Collars 

Have elastic panels to release if caught while still keeping your cat identifiable. Important for indoor/outdoor cats.

GPS Collars

Track your cat's location via GPS if they escape or wander off. Helpful for adventurous cats.

Reflective Collars 

Have reflective strips to make your cat visible at night. Crucial for cats that go outside at night.

Custom Collars

Personalized with your cat's name and contact info. Stylish collars that keep your cat identifiable.

Bowtie Collars

Fun fashionable bowtie shaped collars as an accessory. Lets your cat make a style statement.

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