Caring for Your Senior Dog

Nutritious Food

Feed a high-quality senior dog food and monitor portion size. Ask about supplements to support joint, brain, and heart health.

Comfortable Bedding

Provide thick orthopedic beds and ramps to help senior dogs who struggle to stand up and lie down comfortably. 

Pain Management 

Discuss prescription medication or natural supplements to help manage arthritis and pain in older dogs.

Frequent Vet Visits

Take your senior dog for wellness checks every 6 months to monitor health issues and prescribe treatments early.

Mental Stimulation  

Keep your elderly dog mentally sharp with puzzle toys, new tricks, and sights and sounds. Watch for signs of canine cognitive dysfunction.

Adjusted Exercise  

Take shorter, slower walks to accommodate your senior dog's needs. Swimming and massage are gentle options.

Extra Love  

Give your old pup plenty of affection, laps to snooze on, and their favorite treats. Make their golden years joyful.

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