Tips for Caring for Your Cat in Autumn

Brush Their Coat

Brush cats more often in fall to remove shedding fur. Ensure good skin health beneath their thick coat.

Prevent Fleas

Use prescribed flea prevention medication in autumn when fleas are most active outdoors.  

Play Indoors

Engage cats in energetic indoor play since outdoor time may decrease in fall. Use toys like feathers and laser pointers.

Maintain Comfort  

Ensure your home's temperature doesn't dip too low at night. Provide warm beds and blankets.

Check for Rodents 

Mice and rodents seek shelter indoors during autumn. Keep cats away from poisons used to kill pests.

ID Safe Plants

Ensure house plants are not toxic before bringing them inside in the fall season.

Restrict Outdoors 

Limit outdoor time at dusk and night when coyotes are active. Use breakaway collars.

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