Effective Flea and Tick Treatments for Dogs

Topical Preventatives

Veterinarian-prescribed oral tablets or topical spot-on treatments work by entering your dog's 

Tick Collars

Collars release insecticide onto your dog's coat. Replace every few months for continuous protection. 

Tick Shampoos

Shampoos containing insecticides can kill fleas/ticks on contact during bathing. Use weekly or biweekly for infestations.

Natural Remedies

Some essential oils, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and yeast supplements may help repel fleas 

Wash Bedding  

Vacuum carpet and upholstery and wash your dog's bed frequently to kill flea eggs and larva in your home.

Groom Regularly

Use a flea comb during grooming to catch and remove live fleas. Bathe dogs weekly during heavy infestations.

Monitor Closely

Check your dog's coat thoroughly each day for signs of fleas or ticks. Remove any immediately.

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