Fun Ways to Play with Your Cat

Interactive Toys

Wands, balls, and toys that move unpredictably build exercise and satisfy prey drive. Rotate to maintain interest.

Play Hunting 

Mimic hunting by dragging strings and pointing laser pointers for cats to chase and pounce on.

Use Catnip

Fill toys with catnip to make playtime more appealing and enjoyable. It attracts cats and boosts activity.

Food Puzzles

Hide treats in puzzle toys and boxes to stimulate your cat's natural scavenging instincts.

Scratching Posts 

Direct scratching to appropriate posts and pads to save furniture. Cats stretch and scratch to mark territory.

Change Locations

Bring toys to new areas of your home so your cat can explore while playing.

Provide Perches

Place cat trees, shelves, and perches with views of outside bird activity to engage your cat.

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