Hiking with Your Dog Tips

Pack Plenty of Water   

Bring more water than you think you'll need and a collapsible bowl so your dog can stay hydrated.

Use a Long Leash

Keep dogs under control on trails with a longer leash, ideally 6 feet or longer. Obey leash laws.

Avoid Wildlife  

Steer clear of snakes and watch for signs of bears, mountain lions, and other wildlife that could be a threat.

Take Frequent Breaks  

Stop often on longer hikes to give your dog a chance to rest, cool off, and drink water.

Watch for Hazards

Keep dogs away from poisonous plants, cliffs, and dangerous terrain like swift creeks.

Carry First Aid Gear

Bring a pet first aid kit to clean and bandage paw injuries, bee stings, cuts, and other wounds.

Train First

Get your dog accustomed to leashed walking commands before long hikes to ensure better obedience.

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