Most Popular Tabby Cat Breeds

American Shorthair

America's most popular pedigreed cat, the adaptable American Shorthair comes in more than 80 coat colors and patterns including tabby.  

Maine Coon

Affectionate Maine Coon cats display distinctive mackerel or classic tabby patterns in their plush coats. 


Persians show off their beautiful flowing coats with dramatic tabby stripes and swirls.

British Shorthair

Pleasant British Shorthairs are renowned for their dense coats featuring bold tabby markings.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Athletic Norwegian Forest Cats have long tabby coats in silver, brown, blue, red, cream and other colors.


Rosetted Bengals have exotic tabby patterns reminiscent of their leopard cat ancestors.


Fluffy Siberians come in tabby patterns along with other colorations. They have striking green eyes.

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