Smartest and Most Intelligent Cat Breeds


Siamese cats are vocal, active, and thrive on human interaction. They pick up tricks quickly and enjoy showing off their smarts.


Energetic Bengals have dog-like personalities. They excel at agility training and love interactive play and food puzzles.


The affectionate Burmese cat learns tricks easily and will “talk” to communicate. Keep these bright cats entertained.

Norwegian Forest Cat

This big, fluffy breed is great at problem-solving and opening doors/cabinets. 


Abyssinians are energetic athletes that pick up on tricks quickly. They love learning and food puzzle games. 

Oriental Shorthair 

Orientals are vocal, dexterous cats that thrive when kept active. Teach them tricks and keep the toys rotating.

Cornish Rex

The playful, energetic Cornish Rex needs constant stimulation. Give them puzzle feeders, treat balls, and interactive toys.

7 Most Playful and Energetic Cat Breeds