The 7 Best Lap Dog Breeds

Cavalier King Charles 

The Cavalier was bred to be the ultimate lap dog. They love lounging on their owners laps inside.


Affectionate Havanese thrive on snuggling in laps. They make devoted, cuddly companion dogs.


Gentle Maltese love being pampered in laps. Their small size and affectionate natures suit them to this role.

Shih Tzu 

Shih Tzus aim to please their owners. They enjoy being petted and sitting cozily on their humans' laps.


Tiny Chihuahuas often bond very strongly to one person who they expect to be their lap warmer!


Charming Pugs think they are lap dogs despite their larger size! They lazily lounge on human laps.


Though energetic, Papillons enjoy quiet time cuddling on their favorite person's lap indoors.

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