The World's Tiniest Cat Breeds


Weighing just 4-8 lbs, the Singapura has big eyes and ears but a tiny body. They love climbing to high spots. 


Short-legged Munchkins weigh 5-9 lbs but have big personalities. They're speedy, lively, and great jumpers.

Rusty-Spotted Cat

The Rusty-Spotted Cat is the world's smallest wildcat at just 3.5 lbs! They're endangered but bred in captivity.


The Napoleon cat has short legs and a stocky body weighing 5-10 lbs. They have a friendly, laid-back personality.

Devon Rex

Weighing 5-10 lbs, the Devon Rex has a slender body, wavy coat, and lively personality. They thrive on human interaction.


A Munchkin and Sphynx hybrid, the Bambino has short legs, big ears, and weighs just 4-9 lbs. They love cuddles.

Cornish Rex

Though slender, the Cornish Rex only weighs 6-10 lbs. They have a greyhound-like body and soft, wavy coat. 

Smartest and Most Intelligent Cat Breeds